LZ4/LZO Security Issue in Linux-Kernel and Cubieboard/Cubietruck

The current updates in the linux kernels are mostly based on following issue:


The LZO and LZ4 compression routines in the Kernel have been fixed with Kernel 3.4.95 , which I have already merged into the cubieboard kernel sources ( https://github.com/dan-and/linux-sunxi ) and created the binaries ( http://dl.danand.de/ )

However, also U-Boot should be updated, so there will be more work to do.



Cubieboard Kernel 3.4.95 created for Allwinner A20

As mentioned in the Linux Kernel Changelogs there are some Updated in the LZO, USB, Network and Alsa parts of the Linux kernel.

The LZO changes are not important for this kernels, as these patches have been backported in the patwood kernels a few months ago.
However it is good to see them integrated in the main branches.

As usual you can get the source code at https://github.com/dan-and/linux-sunxi or you use the binaries at http://dl.danand.de/cubieboard/danand_a20_3_4_95_a.tgz


firmware files added to cubieboard 3.4.94 kernel package

As I heard, some people require the created firmware files, I have added them (again) into the kernel tar ball.

Just grab the -b version if you really need it.

Check out http://dl.danand.de/cubieboard/ for binaries or
https://github.com/dan-and/linux-sunxi for the sources.



First (short) report on alternative insoles for Altra Running Shoes

cut down inov8 footbed - side by side

I figured out that the 3d shaped Contour insoles ( footbed ) of Altra Shoes do not perfectly fit to me feet. So I started to look for Alternatives.

See: http://www.danand.de/index.php/sports/alternative-footbeds-for-altra-shoes/


Cubieboard 3.4.91 Linux kernel update

I wasn’t happy with running the cubieboards with an outdated Linux kernel.
The latest available code was 3.4.79 (created by patwood).

In the meanwhile several security fixes have been added to the kernel source, so I used some spare time to get the current Allwinner linux-sunxi code up to date.

You can see the bootlog of such an updated kernel here: