Buechel Secu Sport S 40 Lux tear down

Schmitt-Trigger :  http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/cd40106b.pdf
N-Mosfet Enhancer: http://www.stansontech.com/download/Trench%20MosFet/STN4526_v1.pdf

MB14S Schottky gleichrichter (Bridge Rectifier) : http://www.datasheets360.com/pdf/-3642704153741226158

LED: maybe CREE XP-C ( 3.45 x 3.45 )

buechel-led2 buechel-board1 buechel-led1


    1. The plastic or the aluminium case ?

      I have both and wasn’t able to open the alu-case 🙁 I contacted the manufacturer, but they never respond.


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