Mainline Kernels for Allwinner A20 4.0.x to 4.6.x

After a few rough uboot builds in the last months, I cleaned up my “experiments” directory and updated a few Kernel builds. All of them are tested on Cubieboard2, Cubietruck and BananaPI. So far, I haven’t seen any basic issues.

(Please keep in mind that I only use the Ethernet Interface and use my embedded boards without Bluetooth, Wifi, Graphics-Display and so on)

Therefore, please check out the new builds: Danand-Mainline-experiment-Builds

Linux Kernel 4.6-rc6-a (added Ralink RT288x/RT305x/RT3662/RT3883 serial port support)

Linux Kernel 4.5.2-a (I had to apply the STMMAC (Ethernet) fix again, as it is still not fixed since 4.5.0)

Linux Kernel 4.4.8-a (relative stabile Release, but I would recommend to update to 4.5.xx Kernels or higher)

Linux Kernel 4.3.6-a (Just in case you need an updated 4.3 Kernel)

Linux Kernel 4.1.22-a (Just in case you need an updated 4.1 Kernel)

Linux Kernel 4.0.9-a (Just in case you need an updated 4.0 Kernel)

All Kernel Builds (including the added U-Boot Image) are working fine on Cubieboard A20, Cubietruck, BananaPI (Allwinner A20 only), Banana Pro.

Please comment in this blog, if you encounter any issue or if you have feature requests.

PS: Please note that the Kernel 4.6-rc6 is the one with the most modules included. 4.6-rc6 is running stable on my boards, so it may the best version to be used.

PPS: There is an “old” directory in my experiments-directory, but I do not recommend to use any of the old builds!


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